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Water Stars - Star Image.png

What are the class sizes?
Class sizes are 4 maximum per class Mainstream
Class sizes Baby lessons 6 maximum 

Do parents go in the water?
From the age of 3+ parents do not go in the water during the lessons. We only teach with 4 children per class so these small ratios allow our instructors to manage the groups effectively. In the Water Tots sessions, baby and toddlers classes, parents start in the water until toddlers are independent in the water. 

What to bring to your first lesson?
Just bring your towel and swimwear we provide all the swimming aids, armbands, swimfins, etc.
If you are in our baby lesson you will need to bring your little ones in a swim pant and happy nappy. This provides a double layer protection against accidents in the water. 



Can I pay every week?
You pay for the first lesson is advanced to book your lesson and then children are offered the remaining swimming dates of the course which are paid in advance.


If I miss a lesson what happens?
By all means contact us and advise you are missing the lesson and we will notify the instructor. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a catch up session. 

What are the lengths of the courses?
Lessons run in 10 week blocks.

When do enrolments happen?
Enrolments for the next term will be completed by week 9 of the current course.
Customers will receive a text message including the dates of the new course and how they can re-enrol into their existing space. Any customers that haven’t enrolled by week 9 will receive a non-enrolment text message to confirm they haven’t enrolled. At this point you are welcome to contact us ASAP to confirm your space. 

Courses are paid for termly in advance of the course start date. We will issue you dates via SMS text message prior to the term ending to inform you of the next term dates and prices.   If you wish to be certain of a place for the following term, you will need to enrol no later than week 9 of the current course. If you fail to do so, your place will be available to swimmers waiting.   


What payment methods do you receive?
Enrolments can now be paid on poolside using a debit or credit card, cash or cheque at your lesson on week 9. Also, we offer the facility of internet transfer via bacs. 


Do I get feedback on my child?
Each child will receive a feedback report detailing criteria passed and any criteria they are still working towards. 

What awards can they collect?
Children work towards our awards and collect a certificate at the end of each course. Awards are £2.50 each and added to your enrolment fees. 

What are Swimfins/Aquaplanes?
These aids are used within lessons to allow children to learn the strokes correctly from as younger age as possible. The idea is the swimming aid supports the child in the correct position and allows early focus on breathing, leg kick and arm over arm action. Swimming is a technical activity and we pride ourselves on learning the best technique possible. 

Do Instructors teach in the water?
Our instructors teach from within the water in order to support children and have an opportunity when appropriate to step in and correct children within the water. Once children are swimming confidently unaided they enter a class where the instructor teaches from the side. 


What pools do you teach at and what days?
Please view our timetable section on our website to see all venues and the days we teach at.


Do parents need to stay at the lesson?

Parents should remain on the premises while children are completing swimming lessons.  It is important in case of any emergency.    Water Stars responsibility for your child starts at the commencement of the lesson and finishes when the lesson is over.   Parents are responsible for their children at all other times. 

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